School Groups

Revisit your curriculum … in person

Our educational tours are designed to meet the specific needs of the traveling school group and their curriculum. Whether it be U.S. history, science, drama, or any other subject, Educational Tours can design the perfect tour for your group. Typically, the teacher/group leader in charge of the tour will select their dates of travel, destination(s), activities, meals, etc.; coordinate with us; and then we will manage logistics, provide customized tour brochures, promotional posters, payment plans, accounting services for the tour, and offer the option of having a tour coordinator travel with the group.

Our most common school group travel destinations, with a history focus, include Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, New York City, Gettysburg, Williamsburg, Boston, and Concord & Lexington. Groups with a science focus most often elect to visit California or Florida. Drama groups often elect to tour New York City or Los Angeles and participate in workshops and performances.

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