Most frequently asked questions and answers

Since the majority of tour planners cater almost exclusively to adults, special interest, or senior citizen groups, it is important to identify a travel provider that has in-depth experience and a proven track record of handling student and youth groups. SYTA members specialize in student and youth travel, with focuses on educational travel, music programs, language immersion, team and club travel, and more. Working with a youth specialist will make a big difference in the way the trip is organized and executed and the type of components included.

SYTA and NTA are the associations that represent the interests of student and youth travel. SYTA and NTA works to set standards and to help students, parents, and educators experience the social and educational value of travel. SYTA and NTA bring industry professionals together to help create a better environment for student and youth. The right tour operator must meet strict criteria for financial stability and adhere to the SYTA and NTA code of ethics.

Every group of travelers is unique. Student groups often are traveling for educational purposes. They may be a band or a choir traveling to a performance or looking for performance venues. The age range of each group dictates everything from the types of attractions to the security and room arrangements at the hotel. These issues and many others make planning student travel a unique challenge.