10 Reasons to Use an NTA Tour Operator

The National Tour Association (NTA) has been one of the world’s leading travel organizations since its founding in 1951. Comprised of 2,000 members who represent all 50 states, every Canadian province, and more than 40 other countries, NTA has a presence everywhere you’ll go. Among these members are 650 tour operators who plan and execute trips to every corner of the globe. This vast network of travel professionals can be a great benefit to you for the following reasons:Continue reading “10 Reasons to Use an NTA Tour Operator”

The Value of Hands-On Learning

Education is a very important part of every child’s life. In order to get a better grasp on some topics, hands on learning is needed. The use of hands on learning for elementary school children has proven to increase the level of retention that they have regarding certain information.Continue reading “The Value of Hands-On Learning”

Benefits of Educational Tours for Adult Groups

Education through travel is different from education in a classroom where you are given material. Education through travel means experiencing it for yourself while creating long lasting memories. However, students are not the only ones who can benefit from educational tours. Educational tours for adults are becoming more and more popular for those who are interested in learning about a new culture, but who also might be uncertain about the logistics of planning such a trip.Continue reading “Benefits of Educational Tours for Adult Groups”

11 Most Popular Southern California Attractions

From theme parks to national parks and everything in between, Southern California is the ideal vacation destination for anyone seeking a unique traveling experience. Below is a listing of some of The Golden State’s most popular, southern attractions:Continue reading “11 Most Popular Southern California Attractions”

3 Top Rated Educational Tours in the US

There are a countless number of educational opportunities available across the United States. From walking the Freedom Trail in Boston to visiting all the monuments and museums in Washington D.C., the United States is full of history! Learn more about some of the possibilities three of the top rated tours in the nation have to offer. Continue reading “3 Top Rated Educational Tours in the US”

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