How Does It Work?

– Step 1 –

Call us toll-free at (800) 574-3898. We will discuss your travel ideas and gather the information needed to customize a tour to your specifications. Because we do not have a catalog with dates that we try to fill, your tour will be perfectly tailored to you.

– Step 2 –

We will prepare a sample brochure outlining your tour as discussed, give you a no-obligation quote, and work with you to get your tour exactly the way you want it. Once you have approved your trip, we will print and send you tour brochures to distribute to interested participants and tour posters to assist in promotion.

– Step 3 –

Enroll students/participants. You’ve taught your students about the world—now make the world their classroom. With Educational Tours, you can revisit your curriculum with your students, but this time you can do it in person. Help your class see, do, and learn things they never could from a textbook. Enroll just 12 students and your spot is covered. Other options are also available to help you and other chaperones enjoy a complimentary trip.

– Step 4 –

Collect and then send us the first deposits and applications.

– Step 5 –

Let us handle the rest. Before you leave for your tour, we will be busy with the following:

    • We will communicate with you often regarding questions on your tour.
    • We will send you a ledger showing how the monies are applied and we will update you frequently as monies come into our office.
    • Once we have traveler contact information, we will contact each participant and provide them with a welcome pack, a medical release form, an optional insurance application, a minimum standards page, and payment coupons for additional payments.
    • We will send you a rough draft itinerary for review before we finalize all components of the tour.
    • Once we have everyone’s final payment, approximately 4 weeks prior to departure, we will send to you a box of tour components including a travel accessory, luggage tag(s), tickets, vendor confirmations, and all necessary info you need for your tour.

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