Registration Questions

Can parents participate on the trip?
The tour leader makes the decision as to how adults can be included in the tour. See the tour leader for details.

Can I be a chaperone?
The tour leader makes the decision as to how chaperones will be selected. See the tour leader for details.

What if I don’t want 4 in my room? What will the room up charge be? How is that figured?
Base price is 4 sharing cost of room. Single, Double, and Triple room supplement charges are figured on each tour as an option.

Do I have to use your air? Can I do my own?
We offer a “less air” package for those with special air considerations. Your air must match the group air so the group is not inconvenienced.

What are some payment options?
Pay cash discounted tour deposits as scheduled on the brochure, or pay the full amount with a credit card by the first deposit due date.

Can I skip a payment?
You may call our office to make special payment arrangements.

Can I use a credit card?
We offer a payment schedule for each tour that is a cash discounted price. If you wish to use a credit card, you must pay for the tour in full and then make the necessary payments to your credit card company.

Why can’t I do a credit card payment over the phone?
For your protection, and ours, we require an original signature authorizing us to use your credit card for your full tour payment.

Can I make an online payment?
We do not offer online payment options.

Is the deposit refundable?
Per the tour brochure, under terms and conditions, the non-refundable processing fee is posted and the cancellation policy is listed as well.

Can I see a breakdown of the cost?
The tour package is an all inclusive tour. Please see the tour brochure for the tour inclusions.

How do I cancel my tour?
Please review the cancel policy on the back panel of the terms and conditions. We require a written notice by mail, email, or fax notifying us of your decision to cancel.

What type of refund will I receive?
See the terms and conditions.

My child cannot go on tour, may I send someone in his/her place?
Depending on the date of cancellation we may be able to replace someone on a tour. Please call for specifics.

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