Lady Liberty Tour – Jane from Denver
“OMG so much fun! This tour was a blast and I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

Cheer Performance Tour – Michele from Utah
“Services were exceptional! The Educational Tours staff were very courteous and responsive. They provided information and services in a timely fashion. Everything from accommodations, to flight, to the motorcoach services was exception.”

Family Reunion – Ralph from Utah
“An amazingly organized trip! We experienced a more organized tour and the everything was taken car of for us ahead of time. We appreciated Educational Tour’s patience with all of our decisions and changes.”

Southern California Tour – Jill from Utah
“Working with Educational Tours is like taking a multiple choice test with the answer key stapled to the side. It’s pretty much idiot proof. I get everything sent to me in a box, including a detailed itinerary with times and instructions. They even let me know when to had out tickets or gratuities, all highlighted in yellow!”

Florida Science Tour – Vicki from New Mexico
“The greatest benefit was everything went smoothly on the trip. I had no worries, buses were there, hotel was ready, etc.”

Lady Liberty Tour – Cara from California
“I had never traveled by tour, and never wanted to. But after my experience with your tour service I have a huge change in attitude. I loved it.”

Performance Tour – Brandy from Utah
“As a director, Educational Tours helped cut down on planning for me and my team. This helped us to focus on the performers and show we were putting together. The entire tour was well organized. The parents were very impressed.”

Pacific Northwest – Carole from Utah
“Educational Tours far exceeded my expectations in every way. The planning was exceptional and the brochure, itinerary, and other support materials were very detailed and helpful.”

Hawaiian Cruise – Monica from Utah
“We always have a great experience when we travel with Educational Tours. It’s great to plan and pay for a trip in advance. Smaller monthly payments are better than one lump sum. The staff are great communicators and are always friendly, accommodating, knowledgeable, and courteous.”

Southern California Tour – Lisa from Utah
“I highly recommend Educational Tours. With them operating our tour, I knew everything was taken care of from air transportation, buses, tickets, gratuities, and more.”

Disneyland – Christy from Utah
“By working with Educational Tours, everything gets taken care of for me as a director. They are always very courteous and responsive to my needs.”

American Heritage Tour – Tara from North Carolina
“Our trips always go incredibly well with Educational Tours and this trip was no exception! The kids had a great time and really absorbed a lot of new information. Our visits to Ford’s Theatre, the Spy Museum, and the National Archives were perfect! We had a lot of conversations after the Spy Museum that started with “If I were a spy.” Hard Rock Café was also a huge hit.”

Southern California Tour – Cristina from Utah
“Our trip was very well organized and the staff at Educational Tours were absolutely fabulous to work with!”

Scenic Tour – Pauline from Utah
“Just wanted to say ‘thanks’ again for the great trip you put together. Everything worked out perfectly! The changing colors were breathtaking and lots of pictures were taken. You always do a fantastic job for us!”

Best of Orlando – Beth from Idaho
“We want to thank you for being on top of the air situation with Delta and the additional overnight stay. The sure made an impossible situation more bearable. The transportation that was arranged at Disneyworld was awesome and not having to worry about how we were supposed to get to Disneyworld and here and there was beyond priceless. Thank you for putting together a great trip! Now we can start planning our next trip to Washington D.C. and New York City.”

Lady Liberty Tour – Sue from California
“The brochures and communication were both very professional and helpful. Great about keeping us informed and on schedule for planning. Overall – an outstanding trip to remember for a lifetime.”

Engineering Marvels of the West – Sharifi from California
“The trip was amazing! Everything went smoothly. I was very happy with everything.”

Pacific Northwest Performance Tour – Larry from Utah
“Personalized attention; you take the primary responsibility of every little detail, leaving me to focus on musical things.”

AVID Leadership Excellence Tour – Kelly from South Carolina
“Knowledgeable agent, continuous contact, complete itinerary”

Cradle of Liberty Tour – Rebecca from Indiana
“Benefit of working with Educational Tours is organization, efficiency, knowledge, care & concern of all ET staff.”

Branson Tour – Linda from Utah
“It was a very fun-filled, exciting, entertaining and totally enjoyable tour. We are eagerly anticipating another opportunity to travel with you. We all feel it was the Best Trip ever!”

Southern California Science Tour – Alan from Idaho
“Personalized service – you are more like friends rather than business associates.”

American Heritage Tour – Linda & Steve from Utah
“We felt the tour was organized very well and executed without any problems. We enjoyed the tour very much and have many memories we will treasure always. Thanks to you for a great time.”

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