10 Metro Stops for Washington, D.C.’s Top Attractions

Washington, D.C. offers some of the most iconic monuments, memorials, museums, and other attractions that America has to offer. If you’re visiting the nation’s capital, chances are pretty good that you’re looking forward to taking it all in. While DC’s roads can become congested, the extensive Metro (subway) system can be a great way toContinue reading “10 Metro Stops for Washington, D.C.’s Top Attractions”

Getting the Most Out of Your Washington, D.C. Trip

Washington DC is one of the most historically rich areas in the entire country. For teachers and staff planning their 8th grade Washington DC trip, there’s a lot to consider. Where do you go? What do you do? How long should you stay? What events should you attend? What’s worth seeing and what’s not?

Well, we thought we’d help answer those questions with a few recommendations.

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